Style is the only real luxury

PTC represents only the most luxurious brands on offer only to provide a bespoke experience suiting the likes of the best of the best. Dreamt of that state of the art experience of cinema at your doorstep? We do it everyday.

Technique – the complexity of simplicity

With years of experience in project consulting and after-sales services and a wide network of integrators, PTC delivers the finest technology for your home. With an in house consulting team and tie up with the best partners in the industry, PTC is sure to deliver the best there is in technology at your fingertips.

Lifestyle - Control and lighting

Whether it is your electronics control or your lighting automation or simply auto timing the watering of your lawn, our in house and affiliated teams of designers are equipped to program your life.


Be it your private poolside or your gymnasium, our whole home and multi room audio configurations can be customized to your wants.