Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: the ultimate connected speaker

French manufacturer Cabasse celebrates its 70th anniversary with the launch of its most high-end connected speaker, the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina. A proud tribute to the legendary Cabasse Sphère, the new Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina uses the same acoustic concept, but optimizes it by using a tri-coaxial driver supported by an 11.8″ woofer coupled with the technologies and innovations of the Cabasse Pearl range. The result is an incredible active speaker with 3700 watts RMS which immediately establishes itself as the most high-end and high-performance connected speaker from Cabasse.

Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: quadri-coaxial driver

Flagship of the Cabasse Pearl connected speaker range, the new Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina takes its name from a rare 55-carat pearl discovered in 1913 and nicknamed “the Incomparable”. This reference symbolizes the rarity of a speaker that manages to synthesize and optimize the best of Cabasse’s expertise. The Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speaker uses the very famous TCA (Tri Coaxial Aramid) driver inaugurated with the Cabasse The Sphere speaker and also present in the Cabasse Baltic 5. However, the latter works in a different way, with a first ring-shaped driver dedicated to the midrange, a second one dedicated to the low midrange and a central tweeter. They work in tandem with an 11.8″ HELD driver responsible for bass reproduction. This design allows the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speaker to benefit from a four-way design for optimal reproduction of all registers, from 10Hz to 27kHz.

The Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speaker is a high-end model equipped with a TCA tri-coaxial speaker coupled to an 11.8″ woofer.

Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: 3700 W RMS

The Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina connected speaker demonstrates extreme dynamic capability, with a sound level of 134 dB, which is identical to the power emitted by an airplane at takeoff. To achieve such a sound level, the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speaker benefits from 4 amplification modules for a total power of 3700 W RMS, including 1850 W dedicated solely to the woofer. To ensure that each module powers its dedicated driver as efficiently as possible, Cabasse has developed a brand new DSP. For even greater precision, the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina incorporates a microphone associated with CRCS (Automatic Room Correction System) calibration technology to adjust the reproduction according to the listening room. It therefore promises exceptional performance!

Thanks to numerous measurements and simulations, Cabasse has developed new DSP systems to ensure the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speaker provides an optimal reproduction.

Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: iconic design

The luxurious and refined design of the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speakers is halfway between that of The Pearl Cabasse and Cabasse Sphère. They are placed on swirling aluminum stands that are reminiscent of the Lissajous curve of the Cabasse logo. The base of the speakers includes all the electronics, as well as the connectors (XLR, RCA and optical input). The spherical speakers, only 42cm in diameter, radiate like a work of art atop these 1.30m high stands. This design, combining heritage and technical innovations, is entirely developed by Cabasse engineers and custom-made in Plouzané, Brittany. The spherical design mastered for years by the French manufacturer eliminates any rear resonance or vibration. All cabinet coloration is therefore eliminated and the distortion reduced to the strict minimum.

The Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speakers adopt a 42cm spherical cabinet, mounted on a stand with a design inspired by the most prestigious productions of the French manufacturer.

Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: streaming and multi-room

The innovative acoustic design of the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina is combined with the many streaming technologies already in use in The Pearl connected speakers. Once the speaker is connected via WiFi or Ethernet, it can be easily controlled via its Bluetooth remote control or the Cabasse StreamControl mobile app, which provides access to many streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and even Qobuz. Web radios can also be listened to, as well as audio files on a local server (DLNA/NAS) or in the memory of your smartphone. MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC and DSD audio files can be played in this way. Finally, Bluetooth streaming is authorized, as well as multi-room pairing with several Cabasse connected speakers. Each speaker can then play a different or identical audio track.

Connected via WiFi or Ethernet, Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speakers offer access to streaming services, Internet radios, as well as music shared on the local network.

Streaming is the essence of this Breton speaker, but the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina does not neglect wired sources that it can receive on its inputs located at the rear of the base. There is an optical digital input, an unbalanced RCA input, as well as a balanced XLR input. A USB port is also included to play music stored on a USB stick or an external hard drive. This playback is possible up to a very high resolution of 32-bit/768kHz, a guarantee of great sound quality.

The base of the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina connected speaker includes the connectors which consist of an unbalanced RCA input, a balanced XLR input, a USB-A port and an optical input.

Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina: limited edition

The exceptional Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina connected speaker will be marketed from October 2021 at a price of €25,000 per pair. A price that highlights the level of expertise of these speakers, true flagships of the Cabasse The Pearl collection. This exceptional speaker will also see its first 70 pairs equipped with a numbered plate, present on both the speakers in this exclusive series.

True collector’s items, the first 70 pairs of Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina speakers will feature a numbered plate.

For its 70th anniversary, the French manufacturer once again demonstrates its ability to innovate by creating the most advanced pair of connected speakers on the market. It intends to boost the development of this field by offering a connected speaker that will persuade the most reluctant audiophiles and music lovers to use wireless systems.

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